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Health benefits of mango

Mango cultivation history is estimated to have been cultivated in South Asia more than 4,000 years ago and is now the world’s most cultivated tropical fruit. 


Maternal health

Mango contains folic acid, which is good for pregnant women and the fetus and directly acts on cell division and formation. Folic acid is an essential nutrient for synthesizing amino acids and nucleic acids in the body, so remember that it’s an important ingredient in forming cells in our bodies.

Strengthening immunity

Since it contains antioxidants, it strengthens cells by preventing cell damage and helps release toxins and wastes in the body to strengthen immunity. Mango also has a lot of vitamin C ingredients, and it must be good food for strengthening immunity because it promotes blood circulation and metabolism to prevent infection from colds, viruses, and bacteria from the outside.

Vascular health

Since many components of mangoes are antioxidants, blood vessel health is one of the effects of mangoes. Beta-carotene lowers cholesterol levels in blood vessels and facilitates blood flow to prevent vascular diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, and fibre such as pectin in mangoes also lowers cholesterol levels and improves blood circulation, so eating mangoes will help blood health.

Beauty of skin

Beta-carotene and vitamin A ingredients prevent aging of the skin and are good for discharging debris from the skin. Mango’s vitamin C promotes collagen production and inhibits the production of melanocytes, helping to maintain elastic and clean skin. 

Recovery from fatigue

Mango has vitamin C and citric acid components, so it is a good fruit for fatigue recovery because it suppresses and removes the secretion of lactic acid that causes fatigue. Mango sugar is generally good for fatigue recovery because it serves as a healthy source of energy for our body that has been absorbed by our body, not just sugar.

Special Mango Roll

Mangodise Roll

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