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Make Mother’s Day Extra Special with the Mother’s Day Drawing Event!

**A Special Gift for Mom, Convey Your Heart Through Drawing**

As Mother’s Day approaches, we find ourselves pondering how to make this day even more special. While gifts are wonderful, why not express your love in a more personal and meaningful way this year? Through the ‘Mother’s Day Drawing Event,’ you have the opportunity not just to participate in a drawing contest, but to capture and express your love and respect for your mom.

**Mother’s Day Drawing Event: Drawing for Mom**

1. **Event Overview**

   – Duration: From May 10th to 12th

   – Content: Draw a picture with your mom as the theme and submit it to the staff

   – Special Feature: Among the submitted drawings, 3 will be randomly selected to be laminated and given as a gift along with a special roll on your next visit

2. **How to Participate**

   – If you wish to participate in the event to draw your mom, please visit SUSHIMURA during the event period.

   – Participants should draw a picture capturing their mom and submit it to the staff.

3. **Special Gifts**

   – The selected 3 drawings will be laminated and presented to you on your next visit.

   – Additionally, a special roll will also be provided, making your dining experience with your mom even more special.

4. **Announcement**

   – The winners will be announced on May 17th.

   – The announcement will be made through the restaurant’s official SNS

5. **The Meaning of Participation**

   – This event is not just a prize event, but an opportunity to express your love and gratitude for your mom.

   – Reflect on your memories with your mom through your drawing, and convey those feelings to her.

**The Most Special Way to Convey Love to Your Mom**

The ‘Mother’s Day Drawing Event’ will be a meaningful time to express your gratitude to your mom. Participate in the event, leave a precious memory in the form of a drawing, and convey your feelings to your mom. Could there be a more meaningful gift? We invite you to this special event from May 10th to 12th. 

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