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Salmon is Canada’s #1 seafood.

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

Here’s a fun fact about famous Canadian seafood. Does anything pop up in your mind?

Salmon is Canada's #1 seafood.
It is salmon! Salmon is Canada’s #1 seafood based on choice, and most Canadians are eating more fresh salmon than ever before.

Did you have salmon recently?

If you did, you are part of over 79% of Canadians that researchers found who said they had eaten salmon weekly.

We eat salmon because we know it is healthy, a superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, and that elusive omega-3s. Salmon, tuna, shrimp, cod, and crab are also frequently consumed seafood in Canada. Of these, salmon and tuna are the highest in omega-3 fat, which is influential in maintaining our health. It is also known for its good choice of sources comparable to protein, selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron.

Canadian farmed salmon is a phenomenal source of healthy proteins and nutrients. Also highly recommended by Canada’s New Food Guide. Canadian farmed salmon is not only highly nutritious but; Is also one of the most sustainably-produced animal proteins that play an enormous role in the future of climate-friendly food production. We trust our fisheries. Thanks to world-leading regulatory standards, we can buy Canadian farmed salmon with confidence and pride.

Salmon is a luxurious cuisine and seasonal specialty. It is as much an iconic of Canadian food like maple syrup.

If you’re going to celebrate Canada Day, do so with food. We suggest you try the most famous salmon dishes at Sushi Mura Japanese Restaurant.

Salmon Blossom

Aburi Salmon Battera

Spicy Salmon Sashimi

Dine in on Canada Day at Sushi Mura for a nutritious salmon experience.


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