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Welcome to Mura’s event booth!

Sushi Mura in Riverside Street Vibe Festival

We expected to meet you for a long time, but it took a long time to get closer to the customers due to COVID-19. The Riverside Street Vibe Festival was held on August 27, was the first event that we faced customers outside the store.  
We had a Dalgona candy challenge from Squid Game (2021) and a Mura roulette event. We produced Mura goods and distributed eco bags, fans, and water bottles to our customers.
We hope we can reach you not only in the store but also outside the store.
Starting with this, we want to meet Muran through more opportunities. Are you ready to join our offline events and dynamic activities?

– Be our family, Muran


  • 6485 Oak st Vancouver BC
  • 604-428-1145


  • 3545 Sawmill Crescent Vancouver BC V5S 0E3
  • 604-620-7894

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