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The first franchise of Sushi Mura opens on Main ST!


Sushi Mura is a success story that began in Vancouver!


Sushi Mura, known for operating three Japanese restaurants since 2012 in Vancouver, has now opened its first franchise store for a new leap!


This store is conveniently located on Main ST and has been recognized for its variety of sauces and excellent taste, even being selected in the Top 9 of Vancouver Magazine. The franchise of SushiMura is expected to continue expanding in the future, so please show your interest.


SushiMura is the fourth store that has inherited the know-how and taste successfully operated since 2012. The first franchise store will offer the best dining experience. It will be an exceptional experience for those who love Japanese cuisine.

Visit the first franchise store of SushiMura on Main ST and experience the best taste and service! Please look forward to the growth that SushiMura will achieve in the future.

If you’re interested in franchise Sushi Mura, Click on the link below

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